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Year 4 have had an amazing time at Rock Up in Watford today. I can't explain how proud I am of the children; they showed resilience, team work and determination during this adventurous activity. The children were such a strong team and so supportive of one another.


Today in Early Years we were inspired to write by our Talk for Writing text - Emergency, Emergency. This is part of our topic ‘People That Help Us’. The other children were so inspired by Sakina’s perseverance that they all decided to write out the story!


Ladybird Class had an amazing trip to Harpenden Fire Station today. Some firefighters may have got wet in the process!!


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Congratulations to all the performers in tonight’s Trust Concert! You were all fabulous and should be very proud of yourselves!


A giant snow play today at Harpenden Academy! Happy children who are simply loving the snow.


Snow Alert - school will be open - see attachment for details. Website down so message delivered by Class List and Marvellous Me. Spread the word.


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Tickets selling fast! Join us for a fantastic night of music with bands and choirs from across the Scholars' Education Trust coming together. Tickets available from St Albans Arena box office


Just getting onto the M1. Most of the children have slept during the journey. 😴


Finally out of carpark and on the move! The coach driver has told us that we can expect to be at The George for collection at approximately 11:45pm.


Young Voice superstars are on the coach waiting to leave the carpark! We'll keep you posted 😊


Oh dear what happened in Reception today?! Don't worry it was a visit from a Paramedic as part of their topic 'People Who Help Us.' Mrs Jackson in the office was relieved as it gave her a bit of a shock when these three cheekies played a trick on her!


On Thursday a group of Year 6 mathematicians took part in the January maths masterclass along with several other schools in Harpenden. The theme was money and they explored the concepts of trading, simple and compound interest and stock markets.


This week Year 6 headed to the forest as part of their PSHE Thrive Outside project: learning about all the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of spending time in nature.


Look what Father Christmas delivered to Harpenden Academy!


This week the children have been creating their own 3D solar systems, learning about the relative temperatures and features of each planet. They have also been conducting their own independent research on aspects of the solar system that interest them.


Dahl Class sat in Centre Court! We sat on the seats the 'Press' sit on (the seats are the original ones from 1922) They were not as comfortable as the ones everyone else sit on!


How the ladies would have dressed during the first ladies tournament (1884)


How Spencer Gore would have dressed (1877 - first champion)


Wimbledon with Dahl Class


Dahl Class had a fantastic day at Wimbledon on Thursday! Here's a few photos of what we got up to...


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What a great idea to support and promote healthy eating, lovely social interaction and look at all the big smiles. Now we want to know what the treat was for.


Our Year 1 topic is 'Field to Fork.' The children had breakfast and had to think about where the food they ate came from. This term they are going to become 'designers' and learn how to design a healthy meal and make it! Here is an example of the writing they produced today.


Why are Year 1 being treated to breakfast this morning?


Year 1: I wonder what's going on?


What is happening in Year 1 this morning?


These two pupils spent their lunchtime rehearsing for the first time to give their classmates a Christmas concert. Merry Christmas!


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Please follow link for our end of term Trust newsletter We would like to wish students, families and staff across the Trust a very Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas from everyone at Harpenden Academy! ‘I want a hippopotamus for Christmas!’ 🎅🎄


Happy Glitter Eyebrow Day at Harpenden Academy today - All children and staff look fabulous with their efforts to glitter up their eyebrows today in aid of Alzheimer's Research UK


Happy Glitter Eyebrow Day at Harpenden Academy today - All children and staff look fabulous with their efforts to glitter up their eyebrows today in aid of Alzheimer's Research UK


Ho Ho Ho! Our Christmas dinner was delicious today and well done to Steve, our Chef, for preparing such a wonderful dinner. The children had so much fun. Thank you to all the staff


The school has gained permission to publish photos of these children on Twitter


This week we had our final cross country run of the year and what a one to finish on! We stopped to appreciate the beautiful sunrise during our run around Rothamsted before appreciating the delicious Simmons treats which Hettie’s dad kindly gifted us all.


What a wonderful Christivity from our Key Stage 1 & EYFS children. You were all superstars!


On Saturday our very own Harpenden Academy elves wrapped almost 200 gifts, generously donated by HA families to make Xmas day full of joy & hope for children who are currently living in care. The children (and parents) worked tirelessly all morning to wrap and label the gifts


We are very proud of our team of 7 children who won the Primary School BritishGo Championship in Birmingham on Saturday. The children showed great sportsmanship and determination and retained their title! Well done!


This morning we had a beautiful frosty run around the Common to wake up our bodies and brains. Such an invigorating and peaceful start to the day!


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Really fun gig at last night with


On Monday, KS1 walked to the War Memorial to sketch the poppies and to lay the wreath from Harpenden Academy. Pupils discussed why the poppies had been placed at the War Memorial and why this year was especially important because it was 100 years since the end of WW1.

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Purpose and Aims


For pupils to gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. It should inspire pupils’ curiosity to know more about the past. Teaching should equip pupils to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgement. History helps pupils to understand the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups, as well as their own identity and the challenges of their time.


  • To investigate and interpret the past
  • To build an overview of world history
  • To understand chronology
  • To communicate using the language of an historian


Our curriculum is categorised in 2 ways

  • Breadth - which gives pupils experiences of a range of historical figures and periods
  • Depth - which helps pupils to think and act like historians

Whilst coverage is our goal for the “breadth” element, repetition and increasing the understanding is our goal for the “depth” element.

Our curriculum drivers shape our approach to teaching history so that every opportunity is taken to relate history to the needs of our pupils. History is studied throughout each academic year and across each key stage so that pupils can gain a growing developmental understanding of the matters, skills and processes in our curriculum. Coherent contexts for learning engage ad involve pupil.

Progression and Assessment

Our progression has 4 key objectives which mirror the four aims of the subject. We set out our expectations around Chris Quigley Essentials “mile stones” approach. Each milestone has a set of indicators that re repeated throughout 3 cognitive domains: Basic (We call it Paddling), Advancing (we call in snorkelling) and Deep (we call it diving). It is expected that the vast majority of pupils will have an advancing understanding by the end of the milestone and some will have a deep understanding.

Assessment and reporting

We will assess the pupil’s depth of understanding each term and use this to forecast as to whether pupils are on track to meet our curriculum expectations for the end of the milestone.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Improvement

The role of the leader in monitoring pupil’s outcomes is to audit teacher’s judgements. This is done collectively in staff meetings and then collated by the leader. The leader then works collectively with the teachers to examine the strengths of the provision along with the areas for development for the provision. The leaders then create an action plan to improve achievement. The leader keeps track of the improvements they have secured over time to understand how effect the provision is.

Dickens Museum, November 2018, Year 6 Shakespeare

Click on the link above to see our Pupil Voice on our school trip and to learn more about the fabulous day we had.

D7 D6 D9 

D4 D2 D1 

WW1 & WW2 Workshop, November 2018, Year 2 Aslan Class

Aslan class had a wonderful Workshop based around World War 1 and 2 on Tuesday. The children were surrounded by real artefacts from the war. Children got to try on gas masks and helmets the war. Children also got to use a stirrup pump  used by the fire brigade during WW2.

Img 0347 Img 0336 Img 0164

It was a fantastic ore inspiring day that produced some fascinating and mature conversations between the children.

Foundling Museum, November 2018, Year 6 Shakespeare Class

On Wednesday the Year 6 children enjoyed a wonderfully thought-provoking trip to the Foundling Museum in London to learn about the lives of poor children in Georgian and Victorian Britain. They were fascinated by the patience of Thomas Coram in waiting seventeen years to gain permission to set up the Foundling Hospital along with the kindness of famous artists (William Hogarth) and musicians (Handel- our composer of the month) in donating their time and works of art to support the children. We can’t wait to explore the history of the Foundling children further back in class. A huge thank you to the five parent volunteers who expertly led their groups around the museum; the museum staff commented on the super engagement and behaviour of the children.

Ff6 Ff4 Ff5 Ff7

Key Stage 1 School Walk to the War Memorial in Harpenden

On Monday, pupils walked to the War Memorial to sketch the poppies and to lay the wreath from Harpenden Academy. Pupils discussed why the poppies had been placed at the War Memorial and why this year was especially important because it was 100 years since the end of WW1.

Lauren poppy  Cenotaph2

London Bridge is Falling Down, October 2018, Year 1 Elmer Class

When we were at the fire station, the fire brigade set alight to our houses and we watched them burn to the ground. Then they let us put the fire out with the giant hose!

While we were there we got to do a few other things; we played team games to aim the hose – our teachers were very close to being sprayed!  We also tried to lift the dummy people out of the pretend fire. As well as that we went into the practice room to use the special cameras that can help to see through the smoke!

Picture6 Picture5

History on a Page, October 2018, Year 4 Austen Class

We have had a tremendous week this week at school.

On Tuesday Year 4 had a ‘History on a Page’ workshop in school which was hugely creative and educational. We made candles, leather pouches, baked and learnt to weave. We enjoyed our banquet in the afternoon. Thank you to parents for sending the children in such amazing costumes, it really helped to create a medieval atmosphere.

Img 4470 Img 4451 Img 4439 Img 4433 Img 4419 Img 4431 Img 4364 Img 4380 Img 4388 Img 4369 Img 4394

History of Children's Home, October 2018, Year 6

Year 6 went on a wonderful trip to the Oval on Wednesday to find out about the history of the children’s home that was established there in the early 20th century. As historians they used artefacts and archives to learn more about the lives of children in the past. The volunteers who led the tour commented verbally and in writing on how beautifully behaved the children were and how curious and engaged with the discussions and activities. I was particularly impressed with their empathy when imagining what it would have felt like for children arriving from inner city London to the Oval.

Picture2    Picture1    Picture3


Natural History Museum, Year 6

On Tuesday, 24 April 2018, Year 6 spent the day deepening their knowledge and understanding of evolution at the Natural History Museum. They explored what has evolved over the past few hundred million years, how it has evolved and why by participating in a range of fun activities and games. The children were so excited to see Mary Anning’s fossils up close, not to mention a series of skulls showing how humans evolved over the past five million years to carry larger brains! A huge thank you to Molly's mum, Micah's mum and Ellie and Sav's dad for coming on our trip with us.

Nathistmuseum Nathistmuseum2 Nathistmuseum3
Nathistmuseum4 Nathistmuseum5  


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