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What a wonderful afternoon for sports day. Thank you for hosting the event was enjoyed by all. Well done to Sapphire overall winners of the day.


What a fun and busy day Elmer class have had! We started the day with a lovely walk followed by a skipping workshop. We then rounded up the afternoon with some calming art work.


Year 2 enjoying the skipping workshop.


Team Shakespeare enjoyed a phenomenal skipping session this morning and demonstrated some super awesome skipping skills!


Team Shakespeare enjoyed a phenomenal skipping session this morning and demonstrated some super awesome skipping skills!


Some excellent skipping by year 4 Great resilience by the children


Thank you to for a fabulous French language taster in year 6 this morning


A fabulous active start to the morning in Tolkien with Dan The Skipping Man


Harpenden Academy have achieved Gold


Great start to Sports Week in Year 6 !


Great start to sports week for Milne Class. Some extra hockey practice before sports day.


Dahl class mathematicians enjoying using manipulatives in our volume lesson today


An excellent start by Harpenden Academy at district sports last night. We look forward to finishing off the event next week


Can you guess which play Potter Class are learning a line from?


Potter Class recreated lines from a scene of A Midsummer Nights Dream using freeze frame. Can you guess what they have created?


Potter Class have been lucky enough to see a warm up the fight scenes of Henry V11 being performed this afternoon at


Year 3 starting their tour of today! We have learned that this is the third theatre to be built!


Potter Class are having a super day in London so far spotting the sights and now ready for our workshop at Shakespeare’s Globe


Year 3 have turned into Stone Age cave artists this afternoon! We learned how Stone Age people told stories of their hunts on the cave walls and how they used natural materials for paint. We used charcoal to create our shapes to tell our story


Final group having their pedestrian skills training


Group 2 completing their pedestrian skills


Year 4, Group 1 pedestrian crossing training.


To end year 5 and 6 are enjoying a fairground afternoon filled with ice lollies and fun activities


Year 3 & 4 extravaganza afternoon , what a lovely way end well being week. Thank you FOHA


Great dancing year 4


Well-being week: connect. Today Team Shakespeare have connected by having free play with their friends. In addition, they have participated in a well-being circle time where they each shared their favourite well-being- boosting activity!


As part of well-being week Year 3 have taken part in some yoga and meditation activities. We spent time just being still and enjoying how it makes us feel.


Dahl class had a super busy active morning; swimming lesson, PE in the park and then our dance session!


Lovely dance session for year 3 & 4. Smiles all round@


KS1 are channeling our inner dancer as part of well being week.#Wellbeing


Lovely art session this afternoon in Year 3 & 4. What a lovely way to start celebrate wellbeing week


Dahl class started our well-being week with a fantastic art afternoon. Using both chalks and paints.


Year six kicking off well-being week with a collaborative chalk art activity.


Year six kicking off well-being week with a collaborative chalk art activity.


Enjoying a well-being activity this afternoon in Tolkien class as part of ‘Wellbeing Week’. Lovely to see children making their own choices with regards to design and the media they are using and employing skills they have learnt this year


KS1 kicking off Well-being Week with some mindful art and team work.


Year 4 investigating the porosity of limestone,


Miss Alshamari’s group braving the blind trail


Miss Alshamari’s group crate stacking and kayaking


Dream teams 14 and 15 raft building and racing at sunset


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