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As scientists, Team Tolkien created simple circuits, identifying the success criteria for a complete circuit. They then had to identify which drawn circuits would/wouldn’t work and explain why using technical vocabulary


Year 3 have been working to show their concrete and pictorial representations when dividing 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. We are building our knowledge of the relationship between multiplication and division and this is really helping us.


Year 2 debating who is the real good character in ‘Goldilocks and the three bears.’ We had a lively debate.


Using our inference skills to interpret the freeze frames from our fairytale ‘Hansel and Gretel’. Can you recognise any of the key events?


Thank you to our eco committee for leading our assembly this morning and sharing some top tips with us to save energy, reduce our use of plastic and look after our environment


Invasion games workout in year 5 this morning!


Dahl class scientists are enjoying testing what happens to the brightness of a bulb when more bulbs are added to a circuit.


A great way to end the week celebrating the diversity shown through our Influential People Week in our assembly! Thank you to parents and carers for all their hard work supporting their children to create such wonderful headgear!


Partnered proof-reading and editing in Team Tolkien this morning ! Let’s see if they can apply these skills to their own pieces!


Dahl class have loved talking about the people who inspire us, as part of we have all shown such respect to each other and our views and have all been inspired by each other.


Dahl class have completed some fantastic news reports on Captain Sir Tom Moore as part of our activities


What an inspiring day in Potter Class! We have loved spending time learning about the people that have influenced us. The children gave fantastic presentations and really knew their stuff about their chosen individual


Celebrating Influential people in Team Shakespeare: My Dad. Edith Clark, David Attenborough and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.


Celebrating Influential people in Team Shakespeare: Wole Soyinka, Dina Asher Smith, Eric Yuan and Carolyn Keene.


Celebrating Influential people in Team Shakespeare: Vaulting teacher, Dr Beast, Emma Raducanu, Ada Lovelace.


Year 1 loved discovering the 'Brushes redux' app and the 'Tate paint' website to learn how to create illustrations using different paint tools


As design technologists, Team Tolkien have been enjoying learning about the history of the Dream-Catcher and its symbol of: hope, happiness and positivity!


Team Tolkien spoke with great passion and enthusiasm about those who have inspired us, to celebrate ’Influential People’s Week.’ These ranged from David Attenborough, Serena Williams and Martin Luther King to a parent!


In Dahl class lesson today we had a basketball tournament, and a shoot out! The children were great at showing all of the skills they have learnt this unit. We will continue the tournament next week to find our winning team.


Celebrating Influential people in Team Shakespeare: Katherine Johnson, David Attenborough, Emma Watson and Mampimpi.


Moomin presented their information about their influential person that they have created their hat on. We have found out some amazing facts.


Elmer presented facts about their influential people beautifully. We had such a lovely range in class, it was wonderful to see


So many influential people in Milne Class.


In Science we watched a live lesson about plants and we learnt about the different parts of a plant and what plants need to grow. During the lesson we watched clips from Sir David Attenborough’s Green Planet program.


Potter Class ‘Pasta Punctuation’ this morning to remind us where inverted commas go when a character is speaking. We also looked at our reporting clauses and making them more exciting for the reader.


Beautiful winter sunrise at cross country this morning


Tear six team Shakespeare have been exploring our value of the month: gratitude. They have set up gratitude journals and explored the health benefits (physical and mental) of a gratitude practice.


Super Shakespeare scientists investigating different ways to change the brightness of a bulb, considering independent, dependent and control variables and then evaluating the data collected.


Super Shakespeare scientists investigating different ways to change the brightness of a bulb, considering independent, dependent and control variables and then evaluating the data collected.


Early morning netball.


Weaving in Team Tolkien… the start of our dream-catcher project. It was so lovely we were able to do this outside in the sunshine !


Year six team Shakespeare hockey players practising their attacking and defending skills in the context of hockey - considering how to create space as attackers and block space as defenders.


Moomin Class enjoyed learning about Martin Luther King as part of Influential People Week.


Milne class using hot seating to learn more about the characters. To help them plan their play scripts


Elmer class loved their geography lesson today learning about where the school is situated. We answered geographical questions about the school location and site.


Milne Class getting lots out of their Stormbreak today with Ranagram .


Dahl class have been debating the topic ‘should we get a swimming pool in the school hall?’ As part of our balanced arguments English unit. Very valid for and against arguments and great use of conjunctions.


Elmer class loved using the IT suite this afternoon to safely search for different characters from books. We looked at how the images had been created


Y1 enjoyed starting the afternoon with a stormbreak called 'Bus Stop Meditation'. Here we focused on self care. We jumped on the positivity bus for a happy thought and let the bus pass us by for a negative thought. We know it is ok to have different feelings


In Year 1 we drew froggie faces on our fingers to help us jump backwards on a number line. Elmer were super mathematicians and solved lots of subtraction questions

Friends of Harpenden Academy (PTA)

Friends of Harpenden Academy is our Parent Teacher Association. We are committed to supporting the school and wider community.

Together we raise on average more than £10,000 each year, from events and activities that we enjoy running and our school community enjoys attending. This money is spent on school infrastructure, materials, activities and equipment, all of which make a huge difference to the quality of the education experience our wonderful teachers can provide the children at our school.

We can’t do this without valuable support from the school community, and as a parent of Harpenden Academy, you are automatically a member of Friends.  So... welcome!

Upcoming Events  School Shop

FoHA Membership


All parents and carers of Harpenden Academy students are automatically members of the Friends of Harpenden Academy (FOHA). So why not come along and get involved? It’s a great way to meet other families and we have lots fun!

Friends of Harpenden Academy (FoHA) is the PTA for Harpenden Academy. We are a registered charity and led by a group of committed parents who meet regularly to plan events and fundraising ideas for the school. Every parent and carer of a child at Harpenden Academy is already a member of FoHA—so why not pop along to our next meeting and see if you fancy getting more involved?!

FOHA Committee


Jackie Clode-Dickens & Shavalyea Gilbert



COMEDY NIGHT, Katharine Haines

SUMMER FAYRE, Becci Madole






Rebecca Cracknell


Kirsty Hollywood

Becoming a class rep

Class reps help build a sense of community among the class parents and help provide the link between the parents and Friends of Harpenden Academy (FOHA) - our equivalent of a Parent Teacher Association). Like every parent, class reps are invited to the monthly FOHA meetings to gain a broader understanding of what the Friends do for the school.

With lots of busy parents – we recommend sharing the role with 1 or more parents.

The Role in a Nutshell

Organising Class Social Events for Parents

  • Class coffee mornings and parents’ evenings are always good fun and the most effective way of helping parents get to know each other and generating a good team spirit in your class

School Events

  • FOHA hold a variety of fundraising and social events throughout the school year. Class Reps are asked to encourage attendance and rally volunteers. For larger events (our Easter Egg Hunt and the post Sports Day Celebration) it works best if each class is allocated a stall/task and Class Reps are responsible for coordinating the preparation, rota and clearing up


  • Some of our existing class reps send out weekly announcements via Classlist reminding class parents of upcoming class events/deadlines etc. They will often manage requests from the teachers such as bringing in extras for junk modelling or a themed week at school

Teacher's Presents 

  • If your class decides it wants to give the Teacher and the Teaching Assistant a Christmas or end of year present, the Class Reps will organise this. Class Reps also generally coordinate a card or similar for the teachers with messages from the children at Christmas and the end of year

Next Year's Reps

  • Towards the end of the year, please find at least one lovely volunteer to rep for next year!



Helen Camfield & Sophia Tomlinson


Amy Hambridge & Jess McGinty


Alison Sharma


Joanna Deegan


Dhanmita Boodhna & Ruth Penfold


Andrea Khan


Sarah Elderton


Lisa Alway & Lucy Horsley

How we'll get in touch

Classlist at Harpenden Academy

Classlist is the way we share information from your Class reps and the Friends of Harpenden Academy. You can also use Classlist to communicate directly with other parents in your class: about school and non-school events. You can pay for school events online using Classlist and you can use it to organise parties or playdates.

Registering for Classlist

  • Visit
  • Click ‘Join here’.  Enter our school name “Harpenden Academy” click continue
  • Enter your basic information (name, email and a password you select)
  • Your application will be sent to our school Classlist admin team for approval. This step makes sure only Harpenden Academy parents are on our Classlist site
  • When approved, you will be sent an email letting you know you’re ready to go
  • Once you have access to Classlist, you can (if you wish) add more personal information (like your address and a photo) to your profile
  • Don’t forget to add to your safe senders list
  • better still – add the Classlist app to your phone
  • Classlist is registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office. This means it must meet obligations with regard to its data protection. Details are never passed to third parties
  • Free to users, Classlist makes its money selling advertising - we have experienced it to be minimal, relevant and non-intrusive

How you can get involved with Friends

Get Involved

Come to Meetings

All FoHA members are welcome to attend any of our meetings, even if you’re not a class representative or on the Committee. Don’t be shy! We meet roughly monthly, usually in the evening, and it’s always a relaxed occasion. Our meetings are social, welcoming and a great way to get to know your new school and other parents and carers.

Support Events

Many parents and carers have many commitments both in and out of the home and we appreciate how precious your time is. We make sure that when you do put your hand up to help, your contribution is enjoyable but never a chore. We usually need plenty of help both before and on the day to pull off events, so there is always something that can fit in with your schedule.

We realise that not everyone is able to give their time, so there are lots of other ways to show support. Please consider attending events and activities, making a fundraising purchase or donating items or money, all of which will contribute to the success of the events.sure that when you do put your hand up to help, your contribution is worthwhile and valuable. Most events for the coming year are already scheduled. We aim to be different and hold events you and your family will enjoy attending. But, we need plenty of help both before and on the day to pull them off.  You will be asked to help.

Be Your Class Rep

Harpenden Academy Class Reps are the link between teachers and parents and carers. They help build a sense of community amongst the school families. They are the teacher’s ‘go-to’ when information needs to be shared with all families in the class or when extra support is needed for things like school trips and activities.

We often have two or more reps from each class to help spread the responsibilities around, cover holidays, different drop off/pick up schedules and illnesses.

Volunteer in School

From time-to-time, the school asks for volunteers to help with activities taking place in school time with the children. Volunteering is incredibly valuable to the school and a fulfilling way to get involved.  You could volunteer for a regular slot (e.g. reading in class) or for special activities and school trips (great fun!).  Any volunteer who is likely to be in a 1-to-1 situation with a child needs a DBS check (criminal record check).  This is simple and free to do, but can take a few weeks for results to return - so please do get yours in advance so you are able to step up to join in!  Contact Kathryn Jackson in the school office to start the process.

Simple Ways to Help

Raise money for our school when shopping online. Simply choose “Friends of Harpenden Academy” as your charity on the below websites.

Easy fundraising  Amazon


Earn 30% commission for school by entering AL54EN at checkout.

Purchase now


Earn 10% commission for the school by entering 35586 at checkout.

Purchase now

Earn the school a commission each time you enter our code when purchasing the below brands.

2020/2021 Fundraising Priorities

We regularly meet with our Headteacher to discuss ways that FOHA can help fundraise for projects across the school.

Our 2020/21 fundraising priorities are:

  • Elmer class garden space renovation
  • Technology upgrades for the pupils
  • Much needed new books for the library

We aim to assist in completing these projects by holding various fundraising events, activities and initiatives throughout the year.

Thanks for all of your support!

The small print

FoHA Chair Reports

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