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Half Term Holiday Arty Fun


Feel good Friday with a hug!


Not even lockdown stops Harpenden Academy celebrating a birthday!!


Bird themed art.


We have taken inspiration from Max Whitlock to create our own gymnastics routines.


Some our our finished masterpieces


A fabulous afternoon celebrating 'International Nurses Day' learning about Florence Nightingale and creating our own lino print to celebrate our NHS!


We finished the day by learning about Florence Nightingale in preparation for her birthday tomorrow when we will be completing activities related to her life.


Yummy, yummy, yummy I have cakes in my tummy!


Thank you for our active yoga session this morning, we loved our trip to the zoo!


We are so proud of this gorgeous piece of artwork produced by one of our very creative children. It brought a tear to our eye and has captivated the current climate beautifully. What a precious and treasured memory to keep forever!


A very important message from our lovely Y5 girls, thank you!


Origami doves in celebration of VE Day.


Continuing our VE Day learning- today we’ve been sewing bunting whilst listening to WW2-inspired music.


Outdoor fun!


Our very own Bletchley Park - code breakers in action as part of our VE Day history learning!


Pizza picnic!


Scatterball in the sun


Dear Children, we miss you so very much!!


Look at our masterpiece, just beautiful! Great effort everyone!


Enjoying the sunshine with a spot of cricket, chalk art and lots of laughter.


Science fun at school today - balloon cars (friction) and popcorn (irreversible changes)!


Our lovely children have made beautiful pop-up Easter cards today


Reply from an NHS nurse to our year six letter thanking the NHS - stay at home everyone!


Year six writers sharing thanks with NHS staff for their amazing work - please share with anyone you know in the NHS


Bring your scooter to school day


We have been doing Just Dance to get warmed up this morning!


Level six of the HA obstacle course - focusing on our five ways to wellbeing for the week: connect. Working as a team to create a fun game! “This is good for our well being because we’re being active, connecting and keeping learning!”


A fun Maths challenge to get your mind working. It is not as simple as it seems!


Lovely morning making fruit kebabs in the sunshine discussing the importance of vitamins, including vitamin D, in keeping us healthy and boosting our immune system. “Fruit is protecting us from getting the virus by giving us vitamins.”


Quote for day 2 "We're lucky as we get to come in here!"


Social distancing at lunchtime...all feels quite odd, although one wee cub said "It's just like being at Ikea."


Even on our last day of school on Friday the children in Kerr class and Austen class enjoyed sharing their favourite poems with each other


Retweeted From Gavin Williamson

You should only send your child to school on Monday if you have to, because your work is critical to our COVID-19 response. If you are able to keep your child at home, you should.


Final maths lesson in year six - making mocktails using their knowledge of ratio


Year six scientists learning outdoors as much of the day as possible - gathering and drawing conclusions from water resistance experiments


Year six putting their hockey skills into practise with a focus on possession and repossession when invading.

Headteacher's Welcome

HeadteacherHarpenden Academy is part of Scholars' Education Trust which is a Multi Academies Trust of 5 local schools.  This is a large learning community that functions in what is best described as a large family. Each school in the Trust retain their identities but the central DNA of the Trust is shared across all the schools in a "brother/sister" relationship.  We work closely together and we are a large happy family.

I have been lucky enough to be a part of the Harpenden Academy history and successes since September 2016.  My aim as head teacher is to make sure that every year, we see our children learning happily and, of course, succeeding both academically and socially so that they grow into happy, knowledgeable and caring citizens of whom we can all be proud. Our positive approach, combined with the dedication of our staff team is making this a reality.

Lisa Davies, Headteacher

"Leadership is highly effective. The positive impact that leaders have had improving the school is very clear. The school is now securely good and improving."

"The headteacher has high expectations and wants the very best for pupils. Her vision is shared by the school's other leaders. As a result, the school has improved greatly and is now on a clear upward trajectory."

"Leaders have an excellent understanding of what effective teaching and learning looks like."

School Ofsted Report, June 2019

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