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Our Year Six mathematicians at Maths Masterclass yesterday: working out the distance from the earth to the moon using a penny, drawing a spiral using the Fibonacci sequence and plotting a light wave. Not to mention holding 4.5 billion year old meteorites!


Year Six super scientists investigating the rate of chemical reactions given different concentrations of hydrochloric acid. Excellent discussion of anomalies.


The best start to a Tuesday - cross country club with up to fifty of our children being active, taking notice and connecting (five ways to wellbeing)


Thought-provoking and informative visit from Herts for Refugees today, linked to Year Six’s Conflict topic.


KS2 teachers trying out next half term’s fantastic chemical science lessons - we can’t wait to share the experiments with the children!


Mrs Watson loves creating chemical reactions but what is she making? All will be revealed next half term! KS2 staff have been enjoying their training ready for Science next half term.


we are so very thankful for you giving our ducks such a lovrly home. “They look like they are enjoying there self!”


Thank you for having us here is some writing from our reception class. 🐣


Year 4 have been busy discovering new animals in the Amazon Rainforest this morning! based in St. Albans, came in to lead an English workshop all about descriptive techniques to engage the reader. The children showed great enthusiasm, resilience and were 'fearless'


Guess how old William the tortoise is?


EYFS went on a trip to today to our ducks that we hatched in their forever home.


This afternoon we've had lots of fun outdoors exploring the different rates of chemical changes: identifying ways to tell that a chemical reaction has taken place and discussing whether the changes are reversible or irreversible. Super scientists Year 6!


Year 4 Science was very exciting today! We set ethanol on fire and exploded icing sugar whilst learning about speeds of reaction. We ❤️ Science!


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Thanks to Lisa Davies, Headteacher of for sharing her game-changing methods for parental engagement with us today


What a wonderful afternoon we’re having in Family Groups with Y6 children leading mental health & emotional well-being sessions across school. Y6 planned their sessions to support younger children wth ideas from telling jokes to mindfulness So proud of each and every Y6 child.


Our project is finished! Thanks to for the grant to help transform our playground wall.


Celebrating Mental Health Awareness week with our Year 6 SATs breakfast parties


Year 4 enjoyed learning about endothermic and exothermic reactions in Science today. We investigated whether changing the amount of citric acid we added to the sodium bicarbonate affected the temperature.


This week KS2 have been chemists, experiments with various chemicals to find out about endothermic and exothermic changes. What a buzz in each and every classroom as liquids foamed and fizzed, changed colour and temperature - all signs of the irreversible nature of the changes.


Football success for our Year 3 & Year 4 boys' football team. The boys did the school proud and they showed great determination and sportmanship winning 3 of their 4 matches against local schools and making it into the semi-finals for the first time! Well done!


Big Pedal - Well Done Harpenden Academy! We came in the top 25% of schools participating in the event. I am really proud of the effort made by everyone walking, cycling or scooting to school. We exceeded our target with 59% of children leaving their car at home.


Football Update! Just an quick update on the Year 3/4 football tournament at Sauncey Wood. All going really well so far. First Match 0:0 Draw. Second Match 2:0 WIN!! Now enjoying half time oranges!!


Our staff have been busy recording some more bedtime stories for you. They can be found on our school website via this link. We are always pleased to hear your feedback!


Smashing sunny start to our learning this week as Mrs P.C and her Year 2 tribe head off to do some outdoor learning and utilise our lovely resources that we are so fortunate to have. Learning this week includes phonics fun, marvellous multiplication and magnetic alphabet pieces.


Nerves running high! 15min to go till the start of Harpenden Academy's Got Talent


KS2 teachers blowing things up in Empiribox training ready for our chemistry topic ‘Changes’ next term.


Year six hockey festival - much excitement!


Our Harpenden Writing Competition winners collecting their prizes.


Patricia has just read Rosie Red her very first independently written sentence...complete with the tricky word "like".


Check out our school website and choose a bedtime story read by one of our special members of staff. Wishing you all sweet dreams


The ducks are learning to run...Mrs Aylott is learning how to catch them! Fun in the sun in Ladybirds garden.


Happy Mother's Day to all the mummies at Harpenden Academy. We hope you are having a splendid day !


We have just found out the results of the Harpenden Schools writing competition 2019...we have two 1st places ,one 2nd place and one joint 3rd place. Names to be announced in Friday assembly.


Meet the Computer Programmers of the next decade...Year 4! We are thoroughly enjoying creating our own times table games using Scratch.


Reception and KS1 making roman tiles at St Albans Cathedral


KS1 & EYFS have arrived at St Albans Cathedral


Fantastic evening at the Harpenden Schools' Music Association Spring Concert - felt more like being in the West End of London. Such talented children! Some of us were so eager we'd gone to get ready to perform already!


The ducklings had their first swim today!


And then there were 4! Say hello to Forest, the latest member of Ladybird Class!


Senior Leadership Team

Name Role
Mrs Lisa Davies Headteacher
Ms Louise Curtis Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Vikki Johnston Assistant Headteacher


Senior Management Team

Name Role
Mrs Kate Watson KS2 Coordinator
  KS1 Coordinator
Mrs Michelle Aylott EYFS Coordinator
Ms Kerry Williams Learning Success Teacher (INCO)


Teaching Staff

Name Role
Mrs Michelle Aylott (Mon-Thur) Reception Ladybird Class
Mrs Katharine Haines (Fri) Reception Ladybird Class
Mrs Michelle Wong (Mon, Tues & Wed) Year 1 Elmer Class
Mrs Laura Gilham (Thurs & Fri) Year 1 Elmer Class
Miss Laura Henshall Year 2 Aslan Class
Miss Emma Harvey Year 3 Kipling Class
Mrs Gemma Moss Year 3 Potter Class
Mrs Vikki Johnston  Year 4 Austen Class
Ms Louise Curtis Year 5 Dahl Class
Mrs Kate Watson (Mon-Thur) Year 6 Shakespeare Class
Mrs Lisa Davies (Fri) Year 6 Shakespeare Class


Additional Teaching Staff

Name Role
Miss Caroline Harrigan PPA Cover
Mrs Katharine Haines PPA Cover
Mr Shaun Herbaut Forest School Practitioner


Office Staff

Name Role
Mrs Kathryn Jackson PA to SLT
Mrs Nicola McGeown Administrative Assistant
Mrs Sarah Lawrence Administration Assistant 



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