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Thank you to our Oompa Loompa, Chef Simon, for our Roald Dahl’s Delumptious Dinner!


As scientists, Potter class have been identifying the bones in our skeleton and their functions. We have enjoyed listening to “these bones, these bones” to support our learning.


Retweeted From University of Hertfordshire

A brilliant speech by MBE upon receiving her Honorary Doctorate in Science from the University of Hertfordshire 🎓 Watch the full ceremony here:


Talk for writing in Milne Class. What do you think our story is about?


Year six Team Shakespeare artists learning how to draw self portraits using correct proportions linked to our Frida Kahlo study. Thank you Miss V for being a wonderful art teacher.


Team Tolkien demonstrated excellent teamwork , perseverance and resilience in PE today


Year six Team Shakespeare meeting their Reception buddies and getting to know each other


Elmer class enjoyed a Computing lesson outside today. We talked about how technology follow a set of instructions (algorithms). We went outside and practised being robots and giving each other instructions to follow


Super historians in Moomin Class! We ordered the events of WW1 in chronological order on a timeline.


Super Elmer mathematicians today estimating and counting accurately. We even matched our number to a 10 frame model


As marvellous mathematicians, Year 3 have been securing their knowledge of the place value of 3 digit numbers using manipulatives and pictorial representations


Year six gymnasts exploring transitions into and out of counter balances


We are excellent at ‘teamwork’ in Tolkien class. Great use of partner talk in maths today


In Year 2, we have been exploring different objects and describing the properties of each one.


In Milne class, we have created freeze frames to infer characters feelings


As amazing artists, Potter class began their collages, inspired by Henri Rousseau’s ‘Surprised’.


Exploring mood through movement in Tolkien class this morning


Year 3 have loved internalising our new text “Stone Age Boy” this morning creating our own actions


Year six Team Shakespeare historians researching life in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age in order to answer the question: would you rather be a child in the 21st century or the Stone Age/ Bronze Age/ Iron Age?


Elmer class have been using 10 frames and cubes today to be able to create different number sentences


In Moomin Class we have been practising counting in 10s.


Year six Team Shakespeare storytelling through drama and dance as part of our story writing hook session, focusing on creating mood.


Tolkien class enjoying working with their partners on a place value maths game today. A great way to assess what they already know!


Year 5 taking some mindful art time this afternoon to practice their continuous line drawing skills


Elmer had a great start to the day with some moving Maths Get fit counting to 100! It certainly woke us up


Fantastic ball skills in Elmer class today. All the children showed great control using different parts of their body.


Year six Team Shakespeare practising their ball skills and invasion games tactics inimical football matches.


Milne Class have began their new geography topic about UK and Europe.


Year six Team Shakespeare practising their ordering numbers skills with a place value game.


Elmer class enjoyed their phonics lesson outside on the balcony today. We loved learning our tricky trigraph 'igh'. We also learnt that 'tri' means three!


Milne have been inspired by Winnie the Pooh to create their own Positive quote posters


It was great to witness some excellent teamwork in PE this afternoon. Well done Tolkien class- keep it up!


In Dahl class this afternoon we became TV show presenters and we showcased all we already know about animals including humans, our new science topic.


Elmer loved their first ever trip to the Computing suite. They were very grown up and responsible.


Year six Team Shakespeare participating in an open air art exhibition of Frida Kahlo paintings, exploring subject matter, colours, mood and personal responses


Year six Team Shakespeare enjoying a Stormbreak activity called Copycat


That was close! We got to the Year 1 classroom this morning and Elmer was MISSING! We had to quickly go on an important mission around school to find him. Can you see where we found Elmer? 'regoingonanelmerhunt


Mindful hand art in Moomin Class. We have written how we feel about being back at school. We all said we were happy and excited!


If you had to describe your summer holidays as a fruit, what would it be and why? Such creative and imaginative responses from year six Team Shakespeare


Year six Team Shakespeare readers using mind maps to organise their research about Greta Thunberg, one of several inspirational people they’re Been learning about this week as part of our growth mindset week

Sports Premium

Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium (DfE)

Funding Allocation - £17000 (2020-2021)

The breakdown and predicted expenditure is as follows:

Action Allocated Sports Grant Impact

Non-contact time for Class teachers to support events

 £200 x 4 = £800

Children accessing inter-school competitions and experiencing a variety of sporting opportunities

Non-contact time for Subject leader

£200 x 3 (1 a term) = £600

New sporting initiatives researched and put in place, evidence and impact of PE reporting

Playtime equipment to extend games making and collaboration, to be allocated and monitored via PSHCE Subject leader


A wide range of physical equipment available at playtimes and extra-curricular activities being used regularly and for golden time. Sports leaders using equipment to provide lay opportunities for children

After School Club (to allow PPG / those who usually do not attend)



Offering a wider range of activities delivered to a high standard, to include PPG children

HDSA and School Games partnership


Children involved in a number of inter–school games

Children using skills and knowledge through sport leader training


New sports kits to develop team spirit and cohesion


Children will represent the school in a school kit that they are proud to wear. · Important for safeguarding as children can be easily seen. Children will feel part of team Harpenden building on team spirit.

Classes to plan and take part in a focused outdoor learning day


Children will benefit from outdoor learning and the freedom of learning outside the classroom.

National Fitness day




Children to take part in competitive competition focusing on fitness and then be challenged to develop their fitness over the year.

To raise the profile of PE and sport across the school as a tool for whole school improvement. Paralympic day in school during Olympic week (needs rebooking for 2021) where every child has opportunity to experience a Paralympic sport – wheelchair basketball, boccia etc



Improved Hall Sound System to support multiple curriculum areas, clubs and external providers. Currently not fit for purpose. Impact on gym, dance, after school clubs eg. Irish dancing, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Aerial Yoga, Circus skills


The sound system in the school hall is a requirement for many lets and enhances curriculum delivery as well as extra curricular clubs and lettings generating income for the school.

Increased Net and wall opportunities through indoor table tennis


Pupils are scheduled to use the tables, are able to bring in their own equipment and use the tables constantly to improve games skill.

Attendance to increase in events and activities( up to 60 events) in all HDSA and HSP events annually

£2186 plus £300 membership

The pupils build their self esteem and teamwork skills to another level when participating in these events.

Cricket for Girls


New skills, games and planning for all cricket sport specific skills will be used in curricular and EC coaching opportunities

Linked PE and science unit books for LKS2 and UKS2 Set of guided reading and curriculum books for health and fitness.


Collaboration of English, Science and PE lead in the purchase of relevant texts to support teaching of health, fitness and nutrition

FA Football training for  staff member to increase confidence in football coaching


Better coaching confidence and development of football across year groups extra curricular clubs.

Complete PE My Personal Best package. YST recommended.


All staff will have clear PE schemes of work LTPs and videos aimed at holistic teaching of NCPE and current progressions and assessment

Swimming catch up sessions for KS2 children


Those pupils identified  as not meeting the KS2 key indicator for swimming will be offered the opportunity to participate in an intensive catch up programme offered by Making Waves

Joy to Move Project - Participation programme to encourage all pupils to get moving and understanding the importance of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle following the CMO guidelines. Engage with the Watford Community Trust to complete the six-week programme


All pupils to increase their level of moving and understanding the importance of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle

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