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more World Book Day fun!


World Book Day fun today at Harpenden Academy!


World Book Day at Harpenden Academy today! At school and at home


Team Shakespeare World Book Day at home - amazing dress up, reading outdoors and comic strips.


Year six - book charades, live workshops and creating stories in a jar


Year six - Can you guess the book character?


Year six - Can you guess the book character?


Team Shakespeare World Book Day at home: dress your head, build a story den and feedback!


Elmer class are really enjoying World Book Day.


More World Book day fun from Elmer at home. Reading in unusual place, creating books and 'Draw with Rob' becoming an illustrator.


World Book Day costumes in Year 1


Year six investigating the relationship between height and volume as well as type of material of the floor and volume using sound meters


Team Shakespeare celebrating Food Waste Awareness Week with persuasive letters home to parents asking for changes to be made!


Kerr Class taking part in Captain Tom Moore challenge


Year 3 have been taking part in in memory of Sir Captain Tom Moore. We did 100 repetitions of an exercise, starting with 10 laps of the hall each! It was certainly a challenge!


Year 1 looked closely at feathers this afternoon. We discussed layering two different types of media. We chose from charcoal, pencil, oil pastels or water colours. Very impressive results Elmer class!


In Year 1 we are developing our observational skills in Art. We started with a warm up game called 'Blind Drawing'. The children had to have a piece of card over their pencil so they couldn't see what they were drawing. We realised quickly that this made it so much harder!


Year 1 have been enjoying their first session on how to conduct online safe searches. The children used safe search engines to find images of animals. They then used their copying and pasting skills to put them into another document.


Team Shakespeare mixing science and music. Having investigated how different instruments create different pitch sounds, the children made panpipes!


Year six Art therapy session to express out emotions - symbols of happiness


Team Shakespeare performing poetry from the beautiful Lost Words poetry book using excellent expression, emphasis and evocative tones of voice!


Linked to tactical fitness, year 6 delivered a high impact workout designed to work the whole body. Impressively, the children all came up with a broad range of exercises to target different parts of physical fitness.


Year 3 have been making colourful cupcakes linked to our self-esteem story “Gilly the Giraffe”. We practised our icing skills and decorated using sparkly sprinkles!


We are Scientists! Today, in Year 1 we have been learning about things that are alive, were once alive or things that were never alive. As part of this we made our very own fossils!


Year 1 loved creating story stones and creating imaginative stories from images. Well done everyone!


More of Elmer enjoying their 'Power Snuggle' time.


Year 1 have loved our special Story Telling day. It has been a day where the children at home, and at school have shown their true creativity and imagination.


Year 6 have had a phenomenal morning, releasing their imaginations and sense of escapism, during Harpenden Academy’s story-telling day: exploring language to create team stories; improvisation, performance and animation through drama; and a high energy fairytale PE lesson!


Year six scientists exploring how sound travels through different states of matter. Great experiments by our scientists at home too!


Year six Hopes and Dreams PSHE lesson inspired by Amanda Gorman’s inauguration poem: The Hill We Climb


Using Willow, Year 6 design technologists, produced beautiful spiders webs - by using their weaving and creative skills, to produce: a striking, unique and colourful Dreamcatcher.


In Year six we created an outdoor library for our English lesson today - exploring the key features of non chronological reports and their effect on the reader. All feeling grateful for the sunshine!


Kerr class putting their final touches to their tribal/war dances. Excellent teamwork


Team Shakespeare have been extremely active, as part of our ‘Be Active’ challenge, to support not only our physical health but our mental health. We have been focussing on tactical fitness today in particular - high impact exercise, designed to get our whole body working.


Year six DT project - paper plate dream catchers linked to our North America geography topic. Lovely to see the children at home’s wonderful creations too.


More matching moves!


Year six scientists making their own instruments to explore how sound is made. Some excellent definitions using scientific vocabulary such as energy, particles and vibrations.


Year six gymnasts exploring different ways to match their partner - using different heights and directions.

Governor Profiles

A list of the relevant business and pecuniary interests for our Governing Body can be found here

Letters for the attention of the Chair of the Governing Body should be sent to the School.


Michael Stevens - Chair of Governors

I have lived in Harpenden with my family of six children for most of the last 33 years and I first became involved in School Governance in 1999 when I was elected as a parent Governor at High Beeches where my children went to school. Since then I have served in a number of school Governance roles at Sir John Lawes; Wood End Primary and now Harpenden Academy.

Throughout my professional life I worked in law enforcement, predominantly in the investigative specialism, in a number of different agencies. Latterly, while serving as a senior manager at the National Crime Agency, my role involved working with the Home Office on the strategic planning and governance of various government multi agency organised crime initiatives.

Now retired, I also volunteer as a selector for the International Citizen Service, a project for young people volunteering overseas funded by DFID and delivered through VSO. What little "me time" I have, after my family and being an active Governor, is spent involved in the local branch of the Institute of Advanced Motorists' motorcycle section. I am a keen biker -it is great for blowing away the cobwebs!


Caroline Merritt - Vice Chair of Governors / Parent Governor 

My name is Caroline Merritt. I am a parent governor elected in Jan 2016. I am also vice chair, safeguarding and EYFS governor.  My background is social work and I used to manage children's homes for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Currently I am a network manager for children's centres in Hemel. This supports children under 5 and their families. One of our targets is around raising attainment in the early years foundation stage.  I am married with 2 children. One who is in year 3 at HA and a 2 year old who will join in 2019.


Sebastian Hendricks - Parent Governor

My two daughters joined Harpenden Academy from another school in November 2015, (Year 1 and Year 2 at the time).  I was elected as a parent governor in 2017.  My focus is on our Values.  The Values-Based Education program leads me to close links with the Deputy Headteacher.

Having worked directly with children from all walks of life and all abilities since 1980, I bring a deep understanding of their development, learning and ways to grow. As an NHS specialist for children focusing on communication and balance and being married to a higher education teacher in veterinary medicine, I have a good understanding of children's educational needs.

Being raised and educated in Germany, I can contribute a different system perspective to the governing body. Since moving to the UK in 1998, I also gained experience as a Chair of Professional Committees and as a Board Member of various institutions within and outside the NHS. 

Any spare time, I try to spend outside with my girls exploring, walking our rescue greyhound, building something or looking after our garden. 


Susan Leggott - Parent Governor

I am a parent governor, elected in July 2017. My three children all attend the school –Tom in Year 5, James in Year 3 and Phoebe in Year 1.  Since Tom joined in 2013 (during the first year the school was open), I have volunteered in many different ways – classroom reading, as a lunchtime assistant, maths support in KS2, running the library, being chair of Friends of Harpenden Academy… I feel I know the playful, curious children and our unique school very well.

As a governor my aim is to help the school make the progress we need, whilst retaining things that make our school special. I am the link governor for both Mathematics and Science. 

As well as having time and enthusiasm to offer, I have a law degree, accountancy and treasury qualifications, and a financial management background.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, dancing and cycling. I also love snowboarding when I get the chance. 


Gemma Moss - Staff Governor

My name is Gemma Moss. I am a Staff Governor elected in June 2017.   I started at Harpenden Academy in September 2016. I worked as class teacher to Year 3 for the Autumn Term and then Year 1/2 for the Spring and Summer Term. 

I am Music subject leader and enjoy teaching music, leading Singing Assembly and Choir. I have always enjoyed music from young as I learnt Piano and Flute. I am Talk for Writing lead which I am very passionate about and the impact it can have on children’s writing.  

Away from school I enjoy reading and watching a range of sports, especially watching my football team Shrewsbury Town! I am married and have been for the past 8 years. 

Harriet Tamke - Co-opted Governor


Ben Taylor - Co-opted Governor


Kate watson

Kate Watson - Staff Governor

My name is Kate Watson. I am a Staff Governor elected in April 2018.  I have worked at Harpenden Academy since before our school even opened (April 2012) - helping to write and present the bid to the DfE. I have been a member of the teaching team and the leadership team since we opened and have taught across all age groups at the school. I am have been the Year 6 teacher for the past two years as well as the Key Stage two leader since we have had a Key Stage Two.

I am also the science leader and the PSHE/SMSC leader and am passionate about both areas of the curriculum: science as a way of developing children's curiosity and awe and wonder of the world around them and PSHE as a vital way of supporting children with their mental, emotional and social well being. I also lead our cross country club every week which involves running with between 20-30 children around our local parks before school - a wonderful start to the day whatever the weather. I am committed to developing and supporting children's mental and emotional wellbeing and their growth mindset to ensure each child reaches their potential and finds their own way to shine.

Away from school I love spending time with my two girls, who both attend our school, and I am happiest when I'm outdoors and being active. I love open water swimming and have participated in triathlons for over 15 years. I am also a huge fan of yoga and mindfulness and practise both alone and with my children. I love travelling and my favourite place in the world is Cornwall.

David Whiteley - Co-opted Governor

I was appointed to the board of Governors as a Community Governor in September 2018 to support Health & Safety and facilities.

My career has taken me across most of the ‘built environment’ having studied architecture and worked in private practice before moving to construction, facilities management and facilities  maintenance in a number of roles including; business development, sales and marketing, business change and operational roles.  My current role is the Head of Sales and Solutions for Integral, a national facilities service provider and forms part the wider Jones Laing Lasalle business.

Outside work I am passionate about all sports; mostly football and cricket (still playing for Harpenden CC)!  I support Liverpool FC and Yorkshire CCC (of course).  Into most things Italian; food, wine, holidays and opera and just adore my 9 year old daughter; Elizabeth Grace.

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