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Our lovely children have made beautiful pop-up Easter cards today


Reply from an NHS nurse to our year six letter thanking the NHS - stay at home everyone!


Year six writers sharing thanks with NHS staff for their amazing work - please share with anyone you know in the NHS


Bring your scooter to school day


We have been doing Just Dance to get warmed up this morning!


Level six of the HA obstacle course - focusing on our five ways to wellbeing for the week: connect. Working as a team to create a fun game! “This is good for our well being because we’re being active, connecting and keeping learning!”


A fun Maths challenge to get your mind working. It is not as simple as it seems!


Lovely morning making fruit kebabs in the sunshine discussing the importance of vitamins, including vitamin D, in keeping us healthy and boosting our immune system. “Fruit is protecting us from getting the virus by giving us vitamins.”


Quote for day 2 "We're lucky as we get to come in here!"


Social distancing at lunchtime...all feels quite odd, although one wee cub said "It's just like being at Ikea."


Even on our last day of school on Friday the children in Kerr class and Austen class enjoyed sharing their favourite poems with each other


Retweeted From Gavin Williamson

You should only send your child to school on Monday if you have to, because your work is critical to our COVID-19 response. If you are able to keep your child at home, you should.


Final maths lesson in year six - making mocktails using their knowledge of ratio


Year six scientists learning outdoors as much of the day as possible - gathering and drawing conclusions from water resistance experiments


Year six putting their hockey skills into practise with a focus on possession and repossession when invading.


Second group out completing level one bikeability.


Year six bikeability commences...


Austen class investigated whether the shape of an object affects the time taken to fall through water


Great sportsmanship and resilience today boys. We didn’t get the results we wanted but a few goals. I’m incredibly proud of you today for your honesty and determination. Live and learn.


We had our final parent scientist (a cell biologist) deliver some fascinating workshops about how our bodies work against fighting off 'germs'. We even got to use our IMAGINATIONS to design our own! We watched clips that showed just how amazing our bodies are!!


We really got our hearts pumping in Dahl class this morning with an workout. Great links to our learning during Science Week!


Fascinating science workshops and assembly from one of our scientist parents - a clinical researcher specialising in blood research - learning about blood clots and the importance of research in science


Potter class at the common launching our rockets.


Potter Class learning more about the heart and blood.


Elmer and Aslan class have been learning about how our blood clots when we are hurt and even made their own blood


What are Potter class making today?


Harpenden Academy loving Mark the scientists from Empribox


We were so kind, we made elephant toothpaste in two different colours!!


Ladybird Class got a letter from an elephant today, he was very upset that someone has stock piled all the elephant toothpaste so he asked us to make him some!!


Look at our EYFS Snuffle Station we have created to help encourage the children to be healthy and wash their hands


Dahl class are just coming into Harpenden 👍🏻


What an amazing tour of Wimbledon we had this afternoon!! How awesome to walk in the footsteps of so many champions! Dahl class thoroughly enjoyed being VIPs for the day!


Austen class family groups competing in our intra-school competition. Well done everyone, great teamwork!


Dahl class are on their way home after a great day- ETA 3.50pm.


Sunshine at last Potter class. We are investigating air resistance.

Vision and Values

Our vision for the Academy is to produce responsible young people of whom we can all be proud. In our school community, we have high aspirations for every individual. We firmly believe it is our duty to provide the very best all round educational experience and prepare students for a happy and successful life in an ever changing world.

The shared values of the Academy community are summed up by the Scholars' Education Trust ACE:

  • Achievement
  • Care
  • Excellence

The ACE underpins everything that we do and provides a secure basis for all that we strive to accomplish.

  • Achievement in academic, artistic, sporting, cultural and in other forms with a focus on teaching and learning.
  • Care for students, staff and others within and beyond the school community
  • Excellent standards, manners, honesty, personal integrity and uniform

Values Education

At Harpenden Academy we believe in instilling into the children in our community the idea of values. Values are things we believe in that help us to make decisions about how to behave. They are the principles that guide our lives. Some commonly held values include; thoughtfulness, respect, trust, love, friendship, courage... There are lots more values and many overlap.

Some values are quite tricky to understand and difficult to do every day; others are easier to spot and simpler to do.

Sometimes we forget about the values that are really important to us; we are too busy or we don't actually know what the values are.

It's not just children who need to learn about values, adults have to think about them too and sometimes need to remind themselves to slow down and think about what is really important to them. All staff members at Harpenden Academy will be trying to live the values at the same time as the children: that way we can all learn together.

Values Education is not just something that helps you to learn when you are younger; it is a set of tools that you will carry with you all your life. Understanding values will help you to make difficult decisions even when our children are all grown-up. To feel valued is a special thing and something we want to make sure everyone experiences at Harpenden Academy.

Here at Harpenden Academy we have been looking at our own values as an individual, as a family, as a class and as a wider school community. We weave these values into our curriculum and our way of life at school so that we grow into good citizens to be proud of.  We will celebrate when people are showing values - by sharing them both on the website and in school. We are sure that as parents you will help your child to understand values at home and will celebrate with them when they have showed them. Each half term we will focus on particular value and will discuss this during assembly times and class circle times.

We have 22 values 1 for each month over a 2 year rolling programme. The values are integrated into our assemblies, lessons and the culture of our school. The values are:

Respect, Resilience, Patience, Hope, Honesty, Love, Fairness, Curiosity, Determined, Faith, Friendship, Positivity, Independence, Courage, Caring, Gratitude, Kindness, Imagination, Humour, Tolerance, Trust, Responsibility.

Gratitude Friendship Poem by Reception Ladybirds, January 2020


Positivity Value, Year 4 Austen Class, September 2019

This week the children have been learning about their new value 'positivity'. They were tasked with thinking about a positive place, role model or designing a superhero to represent positivity. We talked about having a growth mindset and learning from our mistakes. As part of a team building activity we created a web of positivity by throwing a ball of string to each other. We then enjoyed tackling the web we made like a Crystal Maze activity. It was a lot of fun and really helped us bond as a class!

Evie 'If you can't find the sun, be the sun.'

John 'You can always fail, but you learn from your failures.' 'Failure is like another teacher, you learn from all your mistakes.'

Sasha 'The beach is my positive place because you can feel the waves relaxing as they wash over you.'

Sian 'You may think you are not great at something, but everyone can do it if they put their mind to it!'

Grace 'Waves on the beach make me think of a new positive thought.' 

Values Tree, October 2018

Year 3, Kipling Class, have had a very busy term with Miss Harvey! Here is just a small snapshot. We have learnt lots about each other and continue to teach each other new things. The school values have played an important part in our learning. We strive to link our school values to all areas of the curriculum. In Kipling class, we have a values tree which is growing with the children as they develop skills and values to take in to the future. All the children have contributed to the tree with their own thoughts and opinions.



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