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Here is Ladybird Class’s Rangoli pattern to celebrate Diwali, we created it outside the classroom door 🎉


Potter Class sketching a Roman Theatre.


Potter class learning lots about the Romans by looking at artefacts from the Roman times.


Look at Lauren and Sophie's Stop Start Animation from our Creative Friday session - impressive work!


We love Creative Friday! The children have been using the iMotion app today to create short animations. We were inspired by Morph (for those of you old enough to remember!)


What a relaxing afternoon year 5 have had creating their own Mandala patterns. Some stunning outcomes!


Austen class are enjoying their science lesson on testing the elasticity of skin as it ages.


Year 6 spent some quality time with their Reception buddies this morning. They worked together to make some scrumptious bread dough. The Reception class really enjoyed showing Year 6 how to get the consistency just right !!!


Congratulations we are proud to announce that we are the UK Go Challenge Primary School champions! We are very proud of our primary competitors - what an amazing achievement.


An inspirational assembly from one of our brave year 5 children celebrating National organ donation day after a liver transplant saved her life.


We have been using lots of growth mindset phrases this afternoon whilst making foxes and ducks. It sent us “quackers”


The children are thoroughly enjoying our new 'snug kit' in the playground. The result is collaborative play and some amazing creations


Year 6 girls football first win of the year. Well done girls!


Potter Class learning about independence with food


Potter class using chalk and flour to practice their spellings.


Creative Friday Computing Group got to grips with Pic-collage today. We created a collage of photos to represent HA. We edited our photos and produced some lovely work!


My goodness me we are exercising our growth mindness today!!


Shakespeare class are learning how to play the Ukulele!!!


Our Science was literally jumping with excitement in Austen class today as we created new habitats for our crickets! We looked at the independent and dependent variables and will observe them regularly over a long period of time.


Ladybird Class have been inspired by Toy Story 4 and have linked our learning by practicing writing our names on our very own ‘Forky’


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Y4 have been conducting an exciting experiment looking at the growth of microbes. We are investigating which is the dirtiest place in the classroom! We swiped 4 places with a cotton bud&then rolled them on the petri dish. Next week we will classify the growth of our bacteria!


Creative Friday is going down a treat! So many smiles and excitement around the school. In the Computing/Photography group we have been green screening. If you could be anywhere, where would you be?


All of the entrants...


The Winner of the Harpenden Academy Bake Off...


A late entrant may have blown the competion out of the water!


Staff Bake Off competition in has all got rather serious!


Cakes a go go at HA


Macmillian coffee morning is on!!


Its the Harpenden Academy Bake Off for MacMillian Coffee Morning...judging in assembly this morning !


Year 5 had great fun making a wormery today. Some great initial observations made!


Our classes are having a brilliant time at our big dance workshop today run by We are putting something quite special together - watch this space!


Year 4 Austen have been busy scientists extracting DNA from strawberries today. They have also been researching key facts. Did you know that we share over 50% of our DNA with a banana?!


Just heard from Mrs Davies, the Year 5 coach is 10min away


Coach fixed and back on the road. Estimated to arrive in an hour at 1.20pm


Year 5 Coach delayed due to breakdown. Luckily broken down by M&S Wild Bean Cafe at service station. Coach assistance on the way and will keep you posted on progress. All safe and off to get the children lunch.


Year 5 Fellowship Afloat have just left so ETA is between 12.00-12.30. Will keep you updated on more specific arrival time


What a fantastic week it has been. It’s been an absolute pleasure to spend it with such a bright, bubbly, kind and engaged bunch of children. Very proud teacher returning to Harpenden Academy for a wonderful year ahead !


On our way home!


Preparing to go home...we are now far more independent than we were on Monday!


Our last sunrise at FA. We have bleary eyed children and adults this morning . A fabulous week.Lots of stories to tell about bravery on the high ropes, balloon popping in archery and adventures on the seas. Thank you for letting us make memories with your children.

Vision and Values

Our vision for the Academy is to produce responsible young people of whom we can all be proud. In our school community, we have high aspirations for every individual. We firmly believe it is our duty to provide the very best all round educational experience and prepare students for a happy and successful life in an ever changing world.

The shared values of the Academy community are summed up by the Scholars' Education Trust ACE:

  • Achievement
  • Care
  • Excellence

The ACE underpins everything that we do and provides a secure basis for all that we strive to accomplish.

  • Achievement in academic, artistic, sporting, cultural and in other forms with a focus on teaching and learning.
  • Care for students, staff and others within and beyond the school community
  • Excellent standards, manners, honesty, personal integrity and uniform

Values Education

At Harpenden Academy we believe in instilling into the children in our community the idea of values. Values are things we believe in that help us to make decisions about how to behave. They are the principles that guide our lives. Some commonly held values include; thoughtfulness, respect, trust, love, friendship, courage... There are lots more values and many overlap.

Some values are quite tricky to understand and difficult to do every day; others are easier to spot and simpler to do.

Sometimes we forget about the values that are really important to us; we are too busy or we don't actually know what the values are.

It's not just children who need to learn about values, adults have to think about them too and sometimes need to remind themselves to slow down and think about what is really important to them. All staff members at Harpenden Academy will be trying to live the values at the same time as the children: that way we can all learn together.

Values Education is not just something that helps you to learn when you are younger; it is a set of tools that you will carry with you all your life. Understanding values will help you to make difficult decisions even when our children are all grown-up. To feel valued is a special thing and something we want to make sure everyone experiences at Harpenden Academy.

Here at Harpenden Academy we have been looking at our own values as an individual, as a family, as a class and as a wider school community. We weave these values into our curriculum and our way of life at school so that we grow into good citizens to be proud of.  We will celebrate when people are showing values - by sharing them both on the website and in school. We are sure that as parents you will help your child to understand values at home and will celebrate with them when they have showed them. Each half term we will focus on particular value and will discuss this during assembly times and class circle times.

We have 22 values 1 for each month over a 2 year rolling programme. The values are integrated into our assemblies, lessons and the culture of our school. The values are:

Respect, Resilience, Patience, Hope, Honesty, Love, Fairness, Curiosity, Determined, Faith, Friendship, Positivity, Independence, Courage, Caring, Gratitude, Kindness, Imagination, Humour, Tolerance, Trust, Responsibility.

Positivity Value, Year 4 Austen Class, September 2019

This week the children have been learning about their new value 'positivity'. They were tasked with thinking about a positive place, role model or designing a superhero to represent positivity. We talked about having a growth mindset and learning from our mistakes. As part of a team building activity we created a web of positivity by throwing a ball of string to each other. We then enjoyed tackling the web we made like a Crystal Maze activity. It was a lot of fun and really helped us bond as a class!

Evie 'If you can't find the sun, be the sun.'

John 'You can always fail, but you learn from your failures.' 'Failure is like another teacher, you learn from all your mistakes.'

Sasha 'The beach is my positive place because you can feel the waves relaxing as they wash over you.'

Sian 'You may think you are not great at something, but everyone can do it if they put their mind to it!'

Grace 'Waves on the beach make me think of a new positive thought.' 

Values Tree, October 2018

Year 3, Kipling Class, have had a very busy term with Miss Harvey! Here is just a small snapshot. We have learnt lots about each other and continue to teach each other new things. The school values have played an important part in our learning. We strive to link our school values to all areas of the curriculum. In Kipling class, we have a values tree which is growing with the children as they develop skills and values to take in to the future. All the children have contributed to the tree with their own thoughts and opinions.



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