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Great to see and in this week talking With 4000 children across the country taking part this year why not sign up your school/class?


What a lovely end of year surprise show that Ladybird Class, planned independently!


Harpenden Academy at the Saracens Sport Foundation Tag Festival today!


Beautiful Year Six bike ride to Redbourn this morning


Final Young Chefs photo


More Young Chefs in action


More Young Chefs in action


More Young Chefs in action


More Young Chefs in action


More Young Chefs in action


A mouthwatering start to the week in Year Six with our children presenting their three course meals, planned and themed for their hero. Ian literally blown away by our Young Chefs culinary skills and creativity!


Our school disco is in full swing! KS2 next! Well done to our DJ Chef Steve!


Playtime in beautiful Brockwell Park.


A beautiful spot for lunch in the gallery gardens


More conflict art


Stunning and thought provoking art linked to the concept of conflict.


Year Six Conflict artist workshop at the stunning Dulwich Picture Gallery- getting used to our materials and experimenting with texture and line.


A glorious day in the sun for our Sports' Day. Thank you Miss Harvey for organising


We love a bit of scientific magic in Y4!


This was the long awaited science experiment looking at how alginates react in different substances! The children loved creating jelly worms and eyeballs!


Meeting the SJL corn snake as part of our year six science visit to SJL!


We are delighted to share the report of our recent Ofsted inspection, in which we are officially judged as a good school with outstanding features. Please read the report at


We enjoyed meeting Chef Harry this morning in assembly. The children were fascinated to learn about his history as a Royal Chef and his current role at Wembley Stadium. Do you know what the Queen’s favourite breakfast is? Shredded Wheat!


Ladybird Lolly break!


Hello from Graverley Fruit Farm! EYFS are having such fun picking strawberries 🍓


What an amazing display this morning from the owls! We were fascinated from start to finish. Our resident owl lover even got to fly one of these beautiful birds!


Big Music Company thank you for an amazing and uplifting singing workshop! We loved having you visit us and enjoyed singing gospel songs


Retweeted From Big Music Company

An absolute pleasure working with Children and teachers and teaching them some super Gospel songs today!!!


Inspiring and informative mental health session in Year Six learning more about mental health with Emma, a profession lead occupational therapist (and Harpenden Academy parent).


What an inspirational gospel choir workshop! We can’t wait for our performance later, parents welcome at 2.30pm


Exciting day two of wellbeing week in year six with a guest chef demo linked to spices and how to jazz up any meal. The children were mesmerised thank you Patti.


Awesome first ever performance at Harpenden district sports. Excellent positivity, determination and support for each other and other schools. Special thanks to Miss Harvey for making it happen!


Looking forward to the gospel singing workshops tmw to celebrate our wellbeing week. Remember parents you are welcome to join us!


Arrrr...pirates have taken over year 4 and their Maths learning! Today we had an exciting workshop in which the children had to bury their hidden treasure and learn all about to co-ordinates to find it! So proud of our most 'fearless learner' being awarded a certificate too!


Year Six smoothie making as part of Wellbeing week. The children selected the fruits they wanted to use and researched their nutritional value before making and tasting their smoothies.


More Year Six bike ride photos.


Year Six have kicked off Wellbeing Week with a fantastic bike ride around Rothamsted and along the Nicky Line. We’ve nailed the Five Ways to Wellbeing already: be active, connect, give, keep learning and take notice.


Playtime - so wonderful to see our school councillors from year one to year six playing so collaboratively together.


Fascinating tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords - we’ve learnt so much and our school councillors have been brilliantly engaged and curious!

Pupil Premium funding

The government introduced Pupil Premium funding in April 2011 with the aim of bridging the gap between the disadvantaged pupils and their peers. They believe that the Pupil Premium, which is in addition to the main school’s funding will address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and their wealthier peers.

Number of pupils and Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) received:  
Total number of pupils on roll 200
Total number of pupils 13
Total amount of PPG received £18,320



  • We ensure that learning and teaching opportunities meet the needs of all pupils
  • We ensure that the needs of all of learners are carefully assessed on a regular interval in particular the needs of socially disadvantaged pupils
  • We ensure that appropriate provision is in place for those students who belong to vulnerable groups
  • In making provision for socially disadvantaged students, we recognise that not all students who are socially disadvantaged are registered or qualify for free school meals
  • We use the Pupil Premium funding to support any student or group of students who the academy has identified as socially disadvantaged
  • The type of provision will depend on the identification of the need for the priority student or group of students.

Pupil Premium / Ever 6 Provision Map

We track the provision for each child on the Pupil Premium through a provision map where we record how the students are supported.  These include:

  • TA support received in class
  • Small intervention group work or 1 to 1 sessions within Inclusion
  • Participation in the nurture
  • Access Arrangements
  • Support from external agencies (counselling, targeted services, TAF, Links support and outreach work etc.)
  • Attendance at clubs; sports and music etc.
  • School trips
  • Participation in the Wow Weeks if these is generative a cost for parents

Pupil Premium / Ever 6 Provision

All pupil premium students access:

  • High quality teaching in the classroom
  • Support in accessing extra – curricular activities which require extra support and funding

Provision targeted at year groups or across year groups

Transition from primary to secondary

Summer school, extended transition mornings, part funded residential trip

Support for end of year school events

Pupil Premium funds are used to enable PP students to take part in the community celebration events of their time at Harpenden Academy, .i.e. attend the leaving celebration, external reward trips  and buy the year book

Support for school trips

Trips are offered at a reduced rate for all PP students

Music Lessons

Music lessons, exam costs and sheet music are offered free for any PP student who wishes to participate

Teaching Assistant’s (TA’s) in class

Many PP students benefit from TA support in the classroom to ensure they participate fully in lessons and supported to access the concepts covered in the lessons and to work independently. 

Joint planning by the TAs and teachers- identified LSAs attached to individual faculties

Targeted to small cohorts within each year group or to individuals

Literacy Interventions

Talking Partners - a targeted intervention to support the communication skills of the PP students

One to One reading / spelling / handwriting / numeracy intervention

Small group lessons in the Learning Zone

Access to Wonder days and Wow Weeks

As part of our Creative Curriculum the children have either an external visitor or go on an external trip to enhance their learning. If these incur a cost then PP pupils have a reduced cost or the experience is paid for as it enhances their learning of curriculum subject.

We also have termly WOW weeks such as Science Weeks or Book Weeks and again if these create a cost for parents then PP children get this cost reduced or paid for from the PP grant as this again further their learning.

Behaviour for Learning

Nurture Group in Primary to support the social skills

Mastering Memory and Fine Motor Skills

PP students who have difficulties with their short term working memory or their fine motor skills are supported using one to one specialised programmes

Learning Portraits

Through setting up the Learning Portraits all members of staff acquire an in depth understanding of the students and strategies to support them in their learning


Some students are supported through the counselling service, such as bereavement counselling to help them work through issues which impact on their readiness and capacity for learning

Data analysis

Regular analysis of data by the SENCO to track, monitor and identify underachievement


In house attendance improvement officer to support the families and the students

Regular meetings with both parents and students

Home visits

External agencies

Utilisation of external professionals to run sessions for children in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Partnership with Links academy

Support from EP

Close liaison with family support workers

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