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Back on it with circuit training


It's rather hot here so time for a pit stop ice lolly


Alby is mastering freestyle football


Hockey time- dribbling and shooting skills


After hockey we have Drumba! Dancing and drumming together- this will be coming to HA I promise you!


Year 4s turn at some freestyle


Enjoying a huge variety of sports in one day. See if you spot the Sherif of St. Albans!!


Team Jamaica posing with a world champ and his gold medal. Huge opportunity to learn how values of determination, resilience, courage and belief create the best version of yourself.


Learning how to tag- the world champ is quite fast on his legs!


Team Elmer have been learning some skills with


Learning karate with an ex world campion Jordan Thomas


Here we are getting ready to go!


This morning we have had a special assembly with who has showed us his incredible freestyle football tricks. He challenged some children to perform some of his tricks and then he set Mr Leung and Mr Gandhi to a head-to-head competition!


Thank you to these two officers for coming in and speaking to our Y6’s about staying safe online - very informative and necessary.


Getting ready to start at the World Games event! We are representing Jamaica!!


Team Dahl had a brilliant time with their cheerleading yesterday!#Cheerleading


Harpenden Academy were so lucky to be visited by the sensational Ash Randell (holder of multiple world records!) today to cap off a truly superb sports week!#PE


Cheerleading went down a treat for Team Shakespeare!


Year 3 having a ball at cheerleading!


Ladybirds had a super first sports day yesterday. Our favourite event was the egg and spoon. If it were an Olympic sport, Ladybirds would all be getting gold🥇


We even managed some stunts!


We’ve got the moves! Elmer class are enjoying cheerleading today.


Learning some new moves!


Elmer Class are warming up ready for their cheerleading session.


Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed sports day yesterday. Well done Amber team for winning.


Easter Christingle, St Nicholas' Church

Today we had our final event for the Spring Term which was our Easter Christingle service at St Nicholas’ church. Thank you to all the parents who came to the event – it was amazing to see so many of you there.

The children sang beautifully – those of you who were there will not be able to get the ‘Spring Chicken’ song out of your heads for a while to come!

We used the flowers to decorate the cross and when this was revealed to the children, the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ were quite brilliant – a pure moment of awe and wonder.

It was a lovely way to end a busy term. 


Voices in a Million

Mrs Moss took 30 children to the Voices in a Million Concert at Wembley Arena.

This is a real show stopper event which not only has taken a great deal of energy and time to arrange but is a real experience for the children to sing in such a place surrounded by so many other children, schools and adults.

Below are some pictures of the event which give a taster of the experience the children had.

Both events, the Trust Concert and Voices in a Million falls on the shoulders of Mrs Moss. This week and the week leading up to it have been rather tense for Mrs Moss but I would like to formally thank her for all her energy and effort she has put in to making both events successful. Thank you Mrs Moss. 


Trust Music Concert

On Tuesday, twelve of our children took part in the Trust music evening. It saw performers from all five schools in the Trust come together at the Alban Arena to showcase not only their individual talent, but also the huge array of talent across the Trust.

We were treated to jazz bands, orchestras, dance routines, duets and individual solo performances – there was even a Trust staff choir.

In all of these the children of Harpenden Academy had two roles. One was to take part in the primary orchestra which is embryonic at the moment. Edith Winter’s mum commented that Edith had really enjoyed playing in a wider situation. I am hoping that now we have a primary orchestra we can do more events together. The second role was for some of our children to take on solo or duet performances.

Luca Gray played the violin, Owen Po played the saxophone, Phyllis and Clemency Venner played a violin duet. All performances were brilliant and the children were a real credit to their families but also our school.

Next year we hope to return with the members of choir who were missing this time due to their previous commitment to Voices in a Million.

It was a lovely evening with our children being inspired by the older children and adults being amazed at the pool of talent we have in school for children of such young years. Mrs Curnow, Mrs Moss and myself were all very proud of the orchestra and the individual children’s achievements.


Christingle Family Carol Service, St George's Chapel

Wednesday night we all descended to St George’s chapel for a Carol and Christingle service. The chapel was full to capacity with children and parents which is great. We wanted to create a family community feel this year with a range of speakers and carols, plus the now traditional Christingle.

Many thanks to all the children and parents who braved the weather to come and take part in the service—it was lovely to see you all

Chris4 Chris3

 Chris2 Chris1


Harpenden Schools' Association Spring Concert

We had a fantastic evening participating in the Harpenden Schools' Music Association Spring Concert - it felt more like being in the West End of London. Such talented children! Some of us were so eager we missed the photo opportunity as we were getting ready to perform.


Scholars' Education Trust Concert, Monday 4th February 2019

Trust2 Trust 1

The Trust concert was Monday night at the Alban Arena and our children sang beautifully. It was the first Trust event to involve all four schools in The Trust. All schools demonstrated a wealth of talent —either musical or dance. It was amazing to see our children’s faces being inspired by what the older children could achieve. All parents who attended commented not only on how well our choir performed but also how enjoyable the evening was. I would like to publically thanks, Mrs Moss, for organising our choir and preparing them so well. I would also like to thank out parents who stepped in at the last minute to accompany them to and from the Arena.

I’m sure this sort of evening will be replicated next year where we will be able to contribute on a larger scale and hopefully more parents will come along to share the enjoyment of the event.

Young voices feature

"Young Voices was an amazing experience for everyone who was there. There were over 8100 children there and altogether we created a sea of the torches that we had (it looked like a starry night. It was an incredible moment even though we got back at midnight. The moment we saw the O2 we felt so proud to be privileged to perform at it, we got the opportunity to sing the songs of famous singers some of them even came along to the O2 to sing with us. At the O2, the singing sounded like one big choir who had rehearsed together for ages but we hadn’t. Did you know that Young Voices is the biggest choir gathering in the whole world! And it is not only one day but it lasts a full school week! We can’t wait to do it again next year because it was so amazing."

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 Img 0710 

Img 0709 Img 0711

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