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Congratulations to the winners of our Lockdown Photography Competition. A tremendous effort from - capturing patterns in nature, country and urban landscapes & still-life inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.


Budding photographers with their certificates. Congratulations Flori for your overall winning photograph 📸


Elmer continued their learning about passing germs with a glitter experiment. The first person dipped their hands in glitter glue and then we looked at how far we could transfer the glitter germs. We then investigated how long it took to wash our glitter germs away


Today Elmer have been learning about the transference of germs in Science. To get us thinking we made some 'safe snot'


The children discussed how different people react in different situations. We have used animals to help us explain how other would act.


Year Six writers taking part in a Food Guild Young Food Writers competition this week, inspired by blackberry poems by Sylvia Plath and Seamus Heaney.


Year six cyclists loving their training this week and learning so many new skills to help the cycle safely on the roads. So proud of their positive attitudes, kindness and support towards each other and resilience.


Kerr class adding to their bottles by drawing on patterns them and adding paint as well.


Who is hungry? Potter Class have been creating their textile pizzas today. First step, paint the base. Secondly, cut the topping templates. Finally, Sew them on! Amazing progress!


Elmer class were very grateful for a parent donation of a sunflower planting kit. The children loved finding their own seed in the old sunflower head and then planting it to start the life cycle all over again.


Beautifully presented and informative knowledge organisers from Dr Seuss class!


Year 3 took part in the National Day of Reflection by creating sun catchers to symbolise their positive thoughts for the future.


Year six exploring self esteem and sharing ways to boost self esteem


To complete our Empiribox unit on sound, Dr Seuss class have been challenged to create ear defenders. Which material will work best?!


Success for Dr Seuss class in the School Games Virtual Basketball Skills Competition! Well done Team Dr Seuss!


Budding website designers in Dahl class are enjoying creating their own webpages on esafety!


Well Done Kerr on your Success in the virtual sports events


All sorts of play by Kerr Class


Well Done Team KS2 in your Spring Term Virtual Sport Events 🏆 Year 4 Basketball 1st🥈Year 5 Basketball 🥈2nd 🏀, Personal Fitness Year 4 Girls and Boys 3rd 🥉🏃‍♀️🏃, Multi Skills Year 3 2nd 🥈and Year 4 2nd 🥈🎾Thank you to for organising


3 weeks ago Pati set herself the challenge to be able to read this book. She showed resilience to keep going when things were a little tricky but by reading everyday she got there!


We have been experimenting with drawing in Dahl class; blind art, continuous line drawing and opposite hand drawings. We had a chuckle along the way when we compared our results and saw how tricky it was to do!


Kerr Class continue to learn about Gustavo Klimt. Stay tuned to see what we do with these bottles


Y6 celebrated the National Day of Reflection today with a discussion about all the positive changes lockdown has created in our lives and the sense that we don’t wanting to return to normal but to a better place. They used poetry as a vehicle for expressing themselves.


Dr Seuss class love sharing and celebrating their writing. A great opportunity to edit as well... we call it corridor conferencing!


Year six designers present their ear defenders and reflect on how their designs evolved whilst making them and how they would improve them further if they designed them again.


More super Shakespeare cyclists competing level 1 if their cycle training.


Elmer are continuing our work inspired by Cathy Miles


On , Potter Class have been refining their presentation skills to present information about a chosen animal or an interest to the class. We talked about making it exciting for the audience and how to find the most relevant information.


Elmer love learning the names of the continents using this song


Elmer class enjoyed starting off their Easter assembly with some fun with chocolate. We learned about this religious festival and why it is celebrated by Christians


Year six cyclists starting their cyclability training - very excited!


Year six designers designing, creating and evaluating ear defenders as a grand finale to our science sound topic.


As marvellous musicians, Y6 continued to look at their musical arrangements to reflect a journey, linked English. As well as lyrical development, the children also considered dynamics, which included major and minor scales to evoke a differentiation of mood.


As marvellous musicians, Y6 continued to look at their musical arrangements to reflect a journey, linked English. As well as lyrical development, the children also considered dynamics, which included major and minor scales to evoke a differentiation of mood.


Kerr class discussing how different animals behave to understand how people behave in different ways.


What a gorgeous afternoon for a spot of tennis! It was great to see Potter Class practising their tactics and putting our skills into a game-like situation.


Super stitching in Potter Class as we practised our running stitch today - lots of resilience and celebrating success!


Elmer have started their sculptures inspired by the work of Cathy Miles


Kerr Classing using their knowledge of persuasion to persuade each other . We have taken inspiration for Red Rectangles and Green lizards by to help stimulate our discussion.


In Dahl class we are very engaged with our take one book ‘Boy in the Tower’ here we have drawn and described scientifically and poetically what we think the bluchers look like.

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Child Bereavement UK: Supporting Pupils

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116 123 (24 hours)

Anna Freud Centre

Resources to support young people’s mental health

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All areas – online counsellors

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Health Visitor text support service

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CRUSE Bereavement Care

Bereavement counselling for adults and children, but also produces helpful resources and leaflets about coronavirus.

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Child Bereavement UK

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HOPEline uk

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Grief Encounter

Confidential helpline for bereavement support

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Child Bereavement Network

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Chat Health

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TEXT - 07507331450


Signposts to resources which support young people’s mental health


Winston’s Wish Charity

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