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Happy Birthday!


Who wants to be an archeologist and discover artefacts from 1666? KS1 do! We had to use our knowledge to work out who these artefacts belonged to.


Each child making their own progress. Kerr class learning to compete against them selves.


Kerr Class developing co-ordination in PE


Candle making, sewing and leather work...KS1 have been busy!


Our Great Fire of London day is so exciting! We are currently learning to do lots of jobs from 1666.


A couple of the final pieces of artwork in Dahl class, they look amazing!


Celebrating diversity by researching Famous chef who have shown resilience.


We were getting our dramatic juices flowing with some freeze frames in Dahl class this morning. See if you can guess what some of our portraits are of!


In Dahl class we have been working on our abstract Ordinance Survey Maps for Art over the past couple of weeks. We are excited to share the final products later in the week!


Elmer have become expert historians this afternoon asking questions about the Great Fire of London. We used the 5ws (who, what, where, when, why) to structure our questions about this event.


Kerr class taking a moment of stillness


Little pig, little pig, let me come in....because it is raining outside! What is the best material for our little pig to have a roof made out of that will keep him nice and dry? In Science, Elmer class have been investigating which materials were waterproof.


A herd of woolly mammoths has invaded Potter class! This morning, children were following instructions to create their mammoth and recognising any important information that was missing.


Happy Birthday!


Christmas is coming! Elmer have been learning about colour mixing and designing our Christmas cards.


Elmer have gone back in time to 1666 when the Great Fire of London was burning. We have been interviewing people who have experienced the fire ready for our special History day next week.


In Dahl class we have been practicing our dribbling and passing skills in PE this morning.


Thank you for inspiring so much wonderful learning in Kerr class. We have discovered how the Windrush generation has provided so much diversity to Britain. You inspired news report writing too.


Crazy coordinates in Dahl class this morning, we have been learning how to translate shapes.


Year six gymnasts so excited to be incorporating equipment into their counter balances routines along with varying dynamics such as speed, height and smoothness.


Potter class were put to work cleaning the messy toys left by the mammoth. They then had to write the instructions using the correct imperative verbs.


As cooks, we have been leaning about how British food has been influenced by other cuisine from around the world. So we made some naan bread.


Exploring our value of the month - resilience - by role playing situations where we may need to draw on this attribute.


Something snuck into Potter class whilst we were at P.E.... we investigated the clues (bubbles, leaves, shampoo) ... we think it might have been...the woolly mammoth!!!


Insightful and thought-provoking discussion in Year Six around British Black History, linked to our Rich and Poor histo topic.


Harpenden Academy are offering live tours for new Reception parents Sept 2021. Please check out our Reception admissions page on our school website and book your school tour with our Headteacher and EYFS Leader


Linked to World Mental Health day, Ladybird class focused on the Five Ways to Wellbeing. We got active, made cards to give to family members, enjoyed connecting with friends, learnt a new poem and took notice of the sounds around us while watching a candle burning. We feel good!


Positivity in Potter this afternoon! We talked about positive affirmations this afternoon as a way to help our mental health.


Dahl class celebrating world mental health day, we thought of as many positives as we could!


Tomorrow is World Mental Health day so Year 1 have been talking about all the things they love. We created hearts of positivity to celebrate all the things that make us happy.


Amazing artists in Potter class today! We got excited about Christmas and are experimenting with the different watercolour wash techniques ready for our Christmas card designs 🎄❄️


Kerr Class have discussed how we can look after our mental health. We created positive photos for each other.


Lots of birthdays this week at Harpenden Academy.


ELMER CLASS LOVE SCIENCE! Today we have been learning about materials and their properties. We made paper boats out of different types of paper and investigated whether they were waterproof or not. We grouped our observations into a table.


Today, year 6 were getting excited about Christmas in art! We were using our recent study of William Morris designs to produce inspired drafts of festive foliage for this year’s Christmas cards. We incorporated: symmetry, 90 degree rotations, half and repeat patterns.

Useful Support Contact Details

Child Bereavement UK: Supporting Pupils

PS Responding to Critical Incidents: Guidelines and Resource Materials for Schools





All areas of support

116 123 (24 hours)

Anna Freud Centre

Resources to support young people’s mental health

Also some useful resources about the Coronavirus



All areas – online counsellors

0800 1111


Health Visitor text support service

Text: 07507 331456

CRUSE Bereavement Care

Bereavement counselling for adults and children, but also produces helpful resources and leaflets about coronavirus.

0808 808 1677

Child Bereavement UK

Supporting children through difficult times: lots of resources


HOPEline uk

Prevention of Young Suicide resources

The Bedtime Stories resources highlight the impact of online bullying

0800 068 4141

Text – 07786209697

Young Minds

All areas – Parent helpline available


Advice and Support

0808 8005000


Teenage advice and information centre

01525 373838

Anti-bullying helpline


0845 225 5787 or 07734701221


Eating Disorders

0345 634 1414


Drugs information, advice and counselling

01234 344911

Grief Encounter

Confidential helpline for bereavement support

0808 802 0111


Free online counselling and advice

Child Bereavement Network

Lots of helpful information including resources to support children


Chat Health

Confidential text messaging (11-19years)

TEXT - 07507331450


Signposts to resources which support young people’s mental health


Winston’s Wish Charity

Lots of resources including videos to support young children around anxieties and grief caused by the Coronavirus

Helpline: 08088 020 021


Domestic Abuse Helpline

24 hour support and advice line

0808 2000 247

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